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How To Keep Yourself Motivated In Life


“ I having a hard time at my job and I am struggling to make money how I suppose to feel motivated?” this question was asked to to me. No wonder we lost our motivation in life. At some point of life peoples no longer feel motivated then it really slowly get difficult to operate person.

I understand this scenario and what person would feel at that state of mind. Hence we at Aaradhya Foundation push motivation and energy level at high level through our training.

Our motivational speaker Mr.Dilip Auti is a famous motivational trainer in Mumbai also in India. We glad to present expert how to feel motivated in life when your are not.

1) Remind your yourself that your are in charge!!
Lets not forget the fact that your are the in charge of your life!! You’re responsible Everything you do in day to day life. So you have two option left either you can be boss of your life or give up and put blame on other facor. Is as simple!!

2) Visualize your success !!

Here is a small secret !! Each before starting my day I sit down and close down eyes and visualize my success. I see that people standing cheer me up and very happy after my seminar!! This gives lot positive energy and motivation to me and push me to achieve that goal. Give your mind permission to dream your success. It will gives you immense power to work hard also push yourself

3) Shower yourself with motivational Video daily

Let’s face it nobody is motivated every day he or she wake up!! We need to make yourself motivated on daily basis. You can can watch motivational video daily basis before starting your day. Your subconscious mind will absorb positive signal and help you get your through.

Use self-affirmation

This is the best tool you may have at disposal. The constant self-affirmation will help you get motivated. Again using positive self will train your mind and soul to remain positive and stay away from the negative thought. You can use simple self-affirmation statement like ” I can do this!!” , “I am a positive person and I am in control of my life!!” etc. It not necessary to be bookish you can create your own statement then use it on a daily basis every moment you less motivated or depress.

Keep your body moving

Every one stress enough what is the importance of the exercise. The daily exercise will help you keep the body in shape hence your self-confidence. Regular exercise till sweating will reduce your stress also help you to clear your mind Mr. Dilip Auti is a motivational speaker and founder of Aaradhya Foundation. His motivational has changed millions of life by his motivation training.