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If the plan doesn't work change the plan but never the goal

Mr. Dilip Auti


Mr. Dilip Auti India’s top motivational speaker was born in a small village Junnar which is near , Birthplace of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj near Pune, Maharashtra. Mr. Dilip Auti has no sibling and was the only son of his parents. He born in a very poor family at a very rural place, his father was farmer and mother was homemaker, his father used to earn money by working in the field of farmers. The family used to live in single room house made of a mud and grass called “Mudhut”. Even no running water and light at home the mudhut which his family used to live often fell down during rain.    In spite of his father’s hard labor his family lived extreme poverty. Due to the lack of education & financial support, his family suffers a lot.

At this worst situation, our motivational speaker father met with a road accident and lost his both eyes & legs having life titled as disabled person was hard enough & due to this horrifying situation family have been discriminated by society in many ways for many years. His father was the backbone and life vein for a family & that was suddenly broke down it was so degrading & insulting for his family when most of the well-off people scorn and abuse & refuse to help the family.At that time Mr. Dilip Auti’s age was around 3 years and has no idea about the family difficulties at the same situation his mother took the responsibility and start working in the field of the farmer. At the same time, she used to take care of family till then his family never celebrated any social functions, events & festivals, not even the great festival Diwali. Childhood is the most precious time of human beings life when one is care free, innocent, play to his heart’s content, studies & is pampered & loved. However, childhood Mr.Dilip Auti was somewhat different with many difficulties right from his education & finance.

The family had a very little money to educate him, he was an average grade in his school but was seen a hard-working and bright student with burning desire to learn things at very young age. He supports to his family many ways. That time his family didn’t get two full meals a day. The situation was completely worsted for him & his family. It was during this phase he discovers the interest in formal education hence instead of graduation he drop out of college from Pune in the 1st year of BSc. Mr. Dilip Auti started doing everything that he could do right from selling the newspaper, door to door marketing, house to house milk distribution etc. Due to family background & his courage he left no stone unturned. He works all day without caring of hardships of whether winter summer & rains, it is all the same for him.

Cherishing all the bad experiences to be the great turning point of his life he learned from his all bad patches. While living his struggle life, he met with different successful entrepreneur across the globe. He read many successful, inspirational, motivational sort of books he interviewed so many failure people in the society.After with this great knowledge he started working on the subject called “MIND BODY & LIFE “He has designed & developed a “Life Changing Process”. At present he is the owner for three different organizations, Aaradhya Foundations one of them with the help of     Aaradhya Foundations is working in many areas such as Health, Wealth, Relationships and Happiness. Thousands of people benefited through this life changing process in all the ways called physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and socially.

As a leader, you have power to create breakthroughs. You can change any circumstances into reality, create vision, get your goals & also guide others to achievements of their success. But if you want leadership first you should work on your style & your life.

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“Behind every young child who believes in himself  is a parent who believed first.”