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Bigget positive change in my life

His seminar brought the bigget positive change in my life. I am no longer the same person because I now feel happy, positive, motivated and powerful. I now believe in my dreams. I’ll be grateful to Mr. Auti forever. Thank you sir for your life changing seminars.

Rahim Pinjari

Ultimately awesome

Ultimately awesome, sir what a energetic man you are, you totally change my life’s meaning, Now I am absolutely clear about how to maintain balance between my personal life and my professional life. Thank you so much!


Mind blowing, awesome, fantastic

Dilip sir your seminar was Mind blowing, awesome, fantastic, After the seminar I get highly motivated and now seeing my life in new way thank you so much sir…


Really a great man!

Dilip Sir you are really a great man! It was best seminar I ever attended, you have just changed the perception of life in such a way. Big hats off to you Sir. After attending your seminars, I am clear about many things in my life. Thank you so much sir!


Seminar was awesome

Dilip sir your seminar was awesome, Marvelous, fantastic, I would love to attend sir’s seminar again and again.


I am very great full

I am very great full to Mr. Dilip Auti sir who gave the best seminar to my students, it was excellent. since last 15 years we organised various seminars for our students, but Mr. Dilip Auti sir took one of the great seminar which is life changin. in future I would alwayas love to attend the seminar of Auti sir.


Ultimate Experience

Dilip sir you just awesome, the way you express things very easily no one can done it, what a energetic person you are!! i had great experience in seminar my attitude towards the life has been changed and it happen only because of you sir thank you so much sir!!

Rohini Junnare

Outstanding Seminar

The Seminar structure is outstanding and the topics covered are very useful,This seminar is one of the best that I have ever attended. Excellent speaker, Very practical suggestions that can be quickly incorporated into daily practice.Thank you Dilip Sir for a really excellent seminar.

Vivek Jadhav

Simply Incredible

Sir you are simply amassing It was incredibly interesting and informative seminar ,This was truly the best seminar I’ve attended.Thank you for your time, encouragement, direction, and support.

Sachin Sapkale


This is the best,Excellent & most applicable seminar I’ve been attended, Mr.Dilip Auti sir is the excellent speaker,best Leader,and a very good human being
You literally changed my life. Now I am absolutely about my goal. Thank you so very much!

Rishikesh Pagare


The seminar was well presented and kept interest for the whole day.This seminar was different than others and much more informative,Very well done Dilip Sir.

Mohit Sharma

Valuable workshop

Thank you for organizing this successful and unforgettable seminar. Simple basic steps easy to applicable in our life. This info is useful both professionally and personally,Most valuable workshop, Thank you so much Dilip sir such fantastic seminar!!!

Nitesh Jadhav

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An energetic performer Really,I&my friend inspire Thanks sir